The best practices of the
regional work-at-heights sector
and next steps in its evolution

09 December 2021


We believe content is king and our panel discussions and presentations seek to provoke insightful debate and shed light on current trends, issues and solutions.

The Importance and Benefits of Safety

in the work-at-height arena and the latest solutions available

This session will focus on how adhering to the best safety practices when working with MEWPs and mechanised and non-mechanised forms of work-at-height solutions helps to not only save lives but also impacts project bottom lines positively, preventing delays and cost overruns due to accidents with men and machines.

The Evolution of Efficiency Standards

and cost-effectiveness in the powered access sector in the region

Delving into how the best efficiency can be achieved when working with powered access equipment, this session will see experts mull over the level of cost-effectiveness in the region’s work-at-height sector at the moment and what needs to be done to raise this level further to meet the best global standards.

Sharing knowledge

and experience of successful projects

One of the best ways to learn is from the experience of others who have achieved results. This session will see project leaders share their knowledge and experience of how they faced and overcame challenges in work-at-height projects and what the takeaways of those projects are that can benefit others.

The Latest Equipment

and products available in the market

A highlight of the Access & Handling Summit will be the display and demonstration by leading manufacturers of some of their best and most advanced machines. Attendees will be able to get a hand-on experience of powered access machinery in several categories from some of the best-known names in the field, talk to product experts and find out how the latest product innovations help them in their projects and fleet compositions.

Technology and its Transformative Role

in the access and handling sectors, and how IT is changing the game

Advanced new technologies are increasingly being deployed on machines and jobsites in the work-at-heights sector. This session will look at how digitalisation, connected technologies, automation and the Internet of Things is impacting the landscape, changing the way machines are built and how work is done – along with trends and projections for the future of the sector